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Response to Afghanistan Crisis


(Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia)


CRSA has written to federal and state governments asking them to fast track the launch of a community sponsorship program that aims to support a new special intake of Afghan refugees, and we are busy spreading the word through traditional and social media.

BR4R is supporting this initiative and would like your help.                              You can help in 2 ways …

  1. by donating funds to finance the travel costs and resettlement of these refugees.  You can do that via our Donation page.
  2. by writing to your local federal MP letting them know that you support calls for a special intake of Afghan refugees above our current humanitarian quota, and that ordinary Australians are ready, willing and able to help if a new sponsorship program is put in place. If you belong to one of our mentor groups, you can share your insights from that experience.

If you’re interested in being involved in a future sponsorship program with BR4R let us know by emailing admin@br4r.org.au


Annual general meeting

was held on Sunday 5th December

 Membership renewals now due


All memberships fall due after the AGM each December.

The annual fees are $30 or $20 for concession.

These can be paid by EFT through your internet banking or in person at the Southern Cross Credit Union.

 Go to the Membership Renewal Page for details.

If you wish to add a donation to your membership this will be greatly appreciated – especially by those who rely on such funds.

The old account at the Suncorp bank IS NO LONGER OPERATIONAL. Please update your banking records.


Thank you for your support.



Many BR4R members and supporters, including the Alstonville Social Justice Group, entered in the national Kilometres of Compassion event.

Most were involved with a 5km walk and some doing a Ride4Refugees of over 25km

This was a fundraiser for Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC).

The ASRC, based in Footscray, provides aid, justice and empowerment programs to over 1000 asylum seekers living in the community seeking refugee protection

Nationally, ASRC has raised over $ 173,000

Our Ballina group raised over $ 8,000  … well done all those involved.

Below are some photos from the day.  The weather wasn’t always perfect.

why is BR4R necessary?

Unfortunately, for many years, the Australian government of the day, whether Liberal or Labor, has decided to harshly treat people seeking asylum and use them for political advantage.

This has been perpetrated under the guise of protecting our borders and preventing deaths at sea.

It has resulted in the persecution and incarceration of desperate men, women & children and a concerted effort to demonise these people to garner as many votes as possible.

This treatment is inhumane and a violation of International agreements of which Australia is a signatory.

Organisations such as BR4R campaign to change this attitude and support refugees and those seeking asylum whether they are onshore or offshore.

what does br4r do?

BR4R works on many fronts.

  • We advocate for refugees and people seeking asylum

  • We support them financially and with essential items

  • We communicate with them

  • We raise funds to enable this to happen

How does BR4R advocate?

We raise awareness via

  • organising and attending rallies and other public events

  • letter writing to politicians and the newspapers

  • talks at schools and other groups

  • information stalls at markets

  • film information nights


How does BR4R support refugees?

BR4R supports refugees and people seeking asylum mainly through our Homestay Project and Nauru Friendship Group.

The Homestay Project provides respite for refugees in the community by providing stays with hosts in the Ballina Region.  Many refugees are located in city areas and a short break in a regional area such as Ballina is a psychological boost for them as well as demonstrating that there are many Australians who care about their wellbeing and value their contribution to the community.

The Nauru Friendship Group communicates with those held on Nauru, forming friendships and links to assist in their ability to cope.  The group also sends essential items such as clothing, personal care items and food.

Funds are also sent via various people and agencies to both Manus Island and Nauru for such things as medical needs, food, clothing, phone credit, legal aid etc.

Get Involved

BR4R’s goal is to promote the acceptance and integration of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia, by thinking globally and acting locally.

We do this via four main strategies:

  • Direct Support
  • Awareness Raising
  • Community Engagement
  • Fundraising & Administration.

You can help

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Our Vision

The vision of Ballina Region for Refugees is to welcome, respect and support refugees and people seeking asylum.

Our goal is to promote the acceptance and integration of refugees and those seeking asylum in Australia, by thinking globally and acting locally.



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