BR4R has made a one-off $1000 donation to the Brigidine Sisters to assist the refugees stranded in Papua New Guinea.This represents the ongoing commitment of BR4R to refugees and asylum seekers who had been held on Manus Island before being dumped in PNG by the Australian Government.

The Home Affairs Department gave the PNG Government $80 million to look after the refugees when Australia’s offshore processing regime ended.

In less than two years that money has been spent and the refugees are in dire straits. They have been evicted and not received any financial support.

Tireless refugee advocate Brigidine Sister Jane Keogh is holding a midnight to 8am vigil each night the Australia Government is sitting in February and March to highlight the plight of the refugees.

On February 14, BR4R members held a roadside rally on Kerr Street Ballina outside Ballina Fair shopping centre to support Sr Jane. There was genuine interest in the rally with 111 positive responses to our placards in 45 minutes. It was very moving when two people in separate vehicles formed hearts using their hands. There were only six people who indicated that they did not support the rally.

Thank you to the volunteers who participated.

The next rally will be held on March 13 at 4pm. If you would like to participate just turn up. Contact Meg Pickup by email.