Peter Lino, left, and his crew of volunteers singing (or not singing) the Tintenbar Up Front welcome song at the beginning of the afternoon.

BR4R was the Charity of the Day at Tintenbar Up Front on 10 March, adding another $360 to our coffers.

Tintenbar up Front showcases local musicians, singers and poets, and the standard of performances was very high, including an excellent ukulele and singing trio.

What’s special about TUF, from the point of view of the charity, is that organiser, Peter Lino, gives almost all the door takings to it – an act of altruism that must have provided thousands of dollars to local charities during the many years of TUF’s existence. There is also a gold coin donation for the refreshments, and the potential for donations.

The audience on March 10 was small, but extremely generous, giving around $150 for afternoon tea and in donations.

BR4R volunteer Susan Perrow also sold some of the African beaded wrist bands and other items which were left over from her charity, African Leaf. She generously donated half her takings to BR4R.

Thanks to Betty Weiler, Lou Miller, Kathryn Boorman and Susan Perrow who helped me with this event, providing all the food, presenting it, washing up and tidying afterwards.

~ Lisa Dillon