We are a Syrian family consisting of a father, mother, two daughters, and a boy. We arrived in Australia and have been living here in a very close area for about 6 months. There were people waiting for us at the airport that we only knew through photos and text messages.

They helped us get to our house with our luggage. Our house was the first positive shock. It was clean, perfectly furnished and had everything a family needed. They helped me get my driver’s license. They registered my children in schools. Our daughters are learning swimming and have friends.

They scheduled medical appointments for the family. They also enrolled the mother and father in language learning classes. They helped us set up our bank accounts and enabled us to pay our recurring bills electronically. And a lot of services and assistance several times…. 

We are a very happy family and we always say and repeat that we actually arrived in Australia and we did not have any friend or relative in Australia and today, 6 months after our arrival in Australia, we have a large family and true friends who sacrifice a lot for our happiness. . our family.

Dear friends, we are happy to have you in our lives. Thank you very much. 😍