What You Can Do

Taking Action


Many people ask what they can do to help. The answer is really dependent on your time, money and commitment.

Those who feel strongly about the plight of people seeking asylum will strive to support, advocate and help to bring change to the current political attitude and to reinstate Australia’s global reputation as a caring, fair and just nation. Every bit of action, no matter how small, will help to achieve this.

  • The first thing to do is to join BR4R. Get membership information.
  • Volunteering to help with fundraising is a very big help to BR4R.  As nearly all of our work requires funds, volunteers are constantly needed.  As with many organisations it is easy for the volunteering to fall on the shoulders of the same people each time.  If you can turn a sausage, scoop popcorn – then you too can be useful.
  • You may want to stand for a management position or volunteer to assist one of the team in their execution of their duties.  Email them to find out what their job entails and if they need help.  Go to our contacts page and send us a message to find out more.
  • Attend rallies, vigils and events.  The weight of numbers will help to turn the tide of the apathy in the community.
  • Support market stalls & BBQs & other functions – get your friends and family along.
  • Write to politicians & people of influence.
  • Write to a refugee or someone seeking asylum, child or adult, on-shore or off-shore.
  • Join our writing group.
  • Donate to help with funding for projects.
  • Talk to friends and family.

Two of our Volunteers Jen & Frances
at the Lismore Car Boot Market