BR4R Inc. Volunteer Policy

Ballina Region for Refugees Inc.

Volunteer Policy

Policy Statement

BR4R will ensure that all of our volunteers are supported and treated with respect, and that the way we support our volunteers is in line with any relevant legal requirements, and within the principles of Volunteering Australia.


  • BR4R values the role of volunteers as essential to the organization. Each volunteer will be treated with respect and in line with the BR4R Code of Conduct.
  • BR4R will maximize volunteers’ potential by, where possible, providing opportunities to use their unique talents and abilities, within the goal of BR4R.
  • BR4R will specify the potential roles of volunteers to ensure that roles match volunteers’ skills, interests and capabilities.
  • The duty of care for all volunteers remains with the BR4R Committee.
  • BR4R will provide a safe and healthy workplace for volunteers and others. Volunteers will be expected to play their part by acting with their own safely, and the safety of others at all times.
  • BR4R will reimburse volunteers for pre- approved expenses, where receipts can be provided.
  • The BR4R Committee will ensure at all times that they hold an appropriate level of insurance cover for volunteers
  • Volunteers will be briefed on the relevant requirements related to their role, e.g. for those who volunteer as part of the Homestay Program, this would include the BR4R Child Protection Policy and Working with Children Checks.
  • All volunteers must adhere to any BR4R policies, procedures and the BR4R Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in the cessation of their role with BR4R
  • Volunteers have the right to refuse any task which they do not feel comfortable or competent to take on, or which cannot be accommodated with their other commitments
  • Volunteers have the right to leave their role at any time of their choosing.
  • BR4R welcomes feedback on its approach and its activities. Volunteers can contact any member of the BR4R Committee through contact details advertised on the BR4R website. BR4R has a Grievance Process outlined in our Constitution.

This Volunteer Policy applies to all BR4R volunteers, long and short-term, as well as the Committee of Management who are all volunteers.


Approved by the BR4R Committee Reviewed by the BR4R Committee Amended by the BR4R Committee
Date: November 2018 Date: February 2019 Date: 13 February 2019

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