BR4R Inc. Code of Conduct

Ballina Region for Refugees Inc.

Code of Conduct

Ballina Region for Refugees (BR4R Inc.) is committed to maintaining a high standard of integrity, responsibility and accountability in the work it undertakes in support of people seeking asylum and of refugees in Australia. This Code of Conduct provides us with a broad framework to guide our actions.

BR4R Inc. is a non-aligned regional movement affiliated to Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR) Australia.  Whilst individuals within member groups may espouse political or faith alignments, BR4R Inc. actively choses to remain unaligned in its advocacy, material support and other activities to maintain focus on achieving its goals.   BR4R Inc. members and affiliates do not use their association with BR4R Inc. to promote or promulgate particular political or faith positions.

Groups and individuals wishing to join BR4R Inc. agree to be bound by the standards outlined in this Code and to align its principles with their own practice: in their own work within their local community; amongst people seeking asylum and refugees and when representing BR4R Inc. in the broader community.

Standards expected

  1. Justice – members will foster equal opportunity and non-discrimination and seek to establish and maintain fair, reasonable and equitable standards of treatment of individuals seeking refuge and asylum.
  2. Tolerance and compassion – members’ behaviour will reflect the goal of BR4R Inc. Members will treat other members and the public with respect and courtesy, especially when opinions differ.
  3. Inclusion and diversity – members will respect and constructively engage with people seeking asylum and refuge and other individuals and organisations we work with.
  4. Integrity – members will act with integrity and trustworthiness in all their undertakings and in the best interests of people seeking asylum and refuge.
  5. Lawfulness – members will adhere to the BR4R Inc. Code of Conduct.
  6. Confidentiality – members will respect the private nature of information they may receive and not disclose confidential or personal information without the consent of those concerned, or as provided by law.
  7. Honesty – members will be honest, objective and truthful in their words and actions and will not knowingly mislead.
  8. Conflict of Interest – members will declare to the BR4R Inc. Committee any significant real, perceived or potential conflict of interest.
Approved by the BR4R Committee Reviewed by the BR4R Committee Amended by the BR4R Committee
Date: January 2019 Date: February 2019 Date: 13 February 2019

We acknowledge the work of Rural Australians for Refugees (RAR)
in developing this Code of Conduct.

The BR4R Code of Conduct was adapted from the RAR Australia Code of Conduct in 2019.